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Growing StuffAccording to the Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS), by 18 months of age, French fries are the most commonly consumed “vegetable.”  Knowing that dietary patterns are established within the first five years of life, Healthy Sprouts works to connect children ages one through six with healthy food.

Formerly known as Families, Farmers and Educators United, Healthy Sprouts is a Farm to Preschool program that teaches children where their food comes from at an early age to instill healthy habits for life.

Healthy Sprouts partners with child care centers and in-home care providers to set up gardens where children learn to plant, grow and most importantly—eat—nutritious foods.  The beauty of the program is seeing how curious and open children are to vegetables when they have had a hand in growing and preparing them.  Children participating in Healthy Sprouts have transformed their stance towards such vegetables as spinach and asparagus from one of “I don’t like it!” to an enthusiastic and curious “I want to try!” Truly, harvesting and tasting spinach straight from the garden is exciting and memorable even for a two-year old child. 

In addition to gardens, program goals are achieved through coordination of Community Supported Agriculture at child care centers, implementation of their own Root for Food curriculum, and family engagement activities. Healthy Sprouts also delivers trainings for center cooks, child care providers and families to increase knowledge about gardening, nutrition and the preparation of locally grown foods.

Healthy Sprouts Goals

Healthy Sprouts is a part of a growing national movement! Check us out on First Lady Obama’s website, Let’s Move in Child Care!

For ideas on how to get young children moving, check out this Girl Scouts Gold Award resource

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To be successful, we must work together as a community. We invite collaboration and engagement in this process of growing healthy, happy and informed kids!

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Participating Local Farmers: Hoyland Family Farms, Pendletons’ Country Market, Wakarusa Valley Farm, Mud Flood Acres, Moon on the Meadow, Red Tractor Farmand Rolf Petermann..

Participating Early Learning Centers: Stepping Stones Childcare Center, Building Blocks Daycare, Children's Learning Center, Princeton Children's Center, Ballard Community Services, Edna A. Hill Child Development Center, Hilltop Child Development Center and Lawrence Community Nursery School.

And to all of the family home providers and families who are gardening and learning with children in Douglas County.

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